Don’t overlook these features when shopping for a cashmere sweater

The great thing about a cashmere sweater is that you can wear it any time of the year. A 2-ply Scottish yarn sweater is thin enough to keep you comfortable during spring or summer. To stay warm during the heart of winter, the type of winter that parts of the United States’ West, Midwest and Northeast are expected to experience during 2014, look for a cashmere sweater that’s made with 4-ply Scottish yarn.


Besides the finest wool sweaters, cashmere is one of the top qualities sweaters on the market. Unlike wool sweaters, cashmere sweaters aren’t itchy. When choosing a cashmere sweater, pay attention to features like the patterns the clothes are made in. For example, there are cable patterns, braided patterns, plain patterns and argyle patterns. Sweaters designed with argyle patterns have alternating diamond shapes on them.


Although cashmere sweaters come in a diverse range of styles, you might find yourself moving towards one to two styles the most. Both women’s and men’s sweaters come in traditional v-neck, broad v-neck, turtleneck, block crew, cardigan and vests styles. A block crew cashmere sweater is made with 2-ply Scottish yarn and metallic lurex.


Textured panels in the sweater form a single diamond shape at the front and back. Designers make the sweaters in blues and charcoal/grays. These sweaters cover the arms fully; they also reach down to the bottom of the waist. Another block neck cashmere sweater is the seamed trapeze sweater.


Made with 4-ply Scottish yarn, the sweater blends tonal colors. In fact, it marled the colors together, adding depth. There’s a single seam at the front and back middle of the sweater. The dropped armhole gives the sweater a boxed shape. Bracelet sleeves make it easy for women to spotlight jewelry and other wrist accessories.


Regarding ply – it’s another feature of a great sweater to examine. The less numbers of ply in the thread, the less thick the sweater, causing the sweater to offer less insulation during winter. It can take hair from several Kashmir goats to make a large 4-ply sweater. This is a reason why some of these sweaters cost several hundred dollars.


While you’re shopping for a cashmere sweater, Real Simple also advises that you check the labels. “The Federal Trade Commission mandates that cashmere products be accurately labeled. Only pure cashmere sweaters can be labeled “100 Percent Cashmere.” If the sweater is a blend, the manufacturer is required to state the percentage of cashmere and the percentage of other fibers. If you don’t see a tag indicating the fiber content, walk away.” According to Kathleen Raub, a member of the Scottish Cashmere Club, it’s also a good idea to check how tight the knit is. Kathleen is reported as saying, “The looser the cashmere is woven or knitted, the more suspicious you need to be.”


Of all the features to measure when shopping or a cashmere sweater to wear during winter is how the sweater feels against your skin. Generally, these sweaters are soft and luxurious. They don’t itch your skin the way a sweater made with a small amount of wool does.

Add A LK Bennett Clutch And A Great Look Is In The Bag

The perfect handbag completes your look unlike any other accessory. Matching the bag you carry to the outfit you are wearing and the event you are attending helps you complete your look with polish and panache. When you are looking for a clutch bag to compliment your ensemble, look to LK Bennett for the perfect clutch. LK Bennett clutches are elegant, well made accessories that will finish off your look perfectly no matter what you are wearing or where you are going.

Available in a variety of colors, styles and materials, LK Bennett clutches are the perfect finishing touch to any special outfit. Going to dinner with the ladies in your favorite wrap dress and heels calls for a clutch so you can keep your essentials handy without being encumbered by a heavy handbag. If you have a date, a clutch is the perfect bag to carry. Ladylike, sophisticated and easy to carry a clutch will help you look amazingly pulled together and effortlessly chic.

Afternoon weddings are the perfect opportunity to show off a gorgeous clutch from LK Bennett in a luxury fabric like silk. If you are attending a black tie evening wedding, chose a clutch adorned in crystals or rhinestones to really ratchet up the elegance factor and show off your great sense of style. If you are looking for the perfect bag for your daughter to carry for prom or another special event, a clutch from LK Bennett is the perfect choice. Not only will the clutch be a beautiful accessory for your daughter’s look, it will be a piece she can carry and use every time she has a special event making it a smart accessory investment.

A clutch bag is a time honored silhouette that is easy to carry and looks great whether worn dressed up or dressed down. With a clutch, you can carry all of your essentials without weighing yourself down or overpowering your look with a large handbag. When you are wearing an outfit with delicate or intricate details, keeping the bag small and carrying a clutch will help the outfit take center stage. When you are wearing a basic outfit or a solid color scheme, adding a pop of color and interest with a clutch hand bag will elevate your look and give it visual interest and personality.

No matter what your sense of personal style may be, LK Bennett offers a clutch that will help you finish off your look and express your style. From formal to casual and everything in between, there is a clutch that will match your style and make your look. When you are putting together your outfits, do not forget how important the bag you carry is to the overall look. Consider size, material and color and carry the bag that best compliments your total look. Choosing an LK Bennett clutch will make looking your pulled together best easy and since you will get years of use from your gorgeous bag, it is as smart an investment as it is beautiful.

6 Essential Items to Take on Your Summer Holiday

Tis the season to be jolly (and I don’t mean Christmas!) Yes, the summer holiday season is here yet again, meaning millions of people will be leaving the rainy shores of the UK in search of sun, sea, sand and sangria.

But, before you get too excited and run off to the nearest airport, it’s time to get organised. Here are six essential items you need to be taking with you when you jet off for your annual summer holiday.

Foreign currency

Far too many people leave it until the last minute to get their foreign currency, and suffer by exchanging their cash at their airport – or worse: when they get to the country they are visiting. For the best deals you should shop online, monitor the fluctuations in the currency rates and choose a provider which seems to have the best deals and rates at any one time to ensure you are getting the most foreign currency you can.


We’ve all seen the airline shows where a frustrated customer is turned away from the check-in desk because they have forgotten their passport. These are now vital for travelling to any other country, even those in the EU including Ireland and France. Don’t be one of the fools you see on the TV, and sometimes at the airport. Check and check again that your passport is on you before you leave for the airport.

Travel insurance documents

When people are feeling the pinch, something like travel insurance can be the first to be ignored. However, if you do end up needing medical treatment whilst you are away, you could be left with a hefty bill from the GP or hospital afterwards. Travel insurance is a relatively low-cost essential which can save you a massive headache – it’s just not worth gambling on not getting any!

Your holiday clothes

Of course, the most exciting part of packing for your holiday is deciding which clothes you are going to bring, or even shopping for some new items to take with you. And it’s likely that you’ll want to look the part – make sure you have enough t-shirts, swimming shorts, as well as a couple of cool accessories like sunglasses from a brand like Oakley, or Havaiana flip flops (such as those found at

Sun cream

Protecting yourself is all too easy to forget when you’re in the drab, wet conditions of the UK, but forgetting sun cream when you go to warmer climes is not a clever idea. Many of us have fair skin which gets burnt easily in the strong sunlight. Because of the initial excitement of the holiday, we often forget about slapping it on before it’s too late. This can ruin our week away before it’s even begun, so bring some sunscreen and use it liberally!

An e-reader

Paper books are no longer cool, or practical. Instead, why not invest in an e-reader like a Kindle? This means you can take around literally thousands of books or magazines on one portable and lightweight device.

Advantages of Having Wool Mattress Pads

69These days, mattress pads are becoming very popular as they offer several benefits. They come in several sizes and thicknesses. Moreover, they are also available in different materials from natural latex to wool. Woolen mattress pads have several benefits, and these mattresses are best for people who prefer natural material that provides comfort.

Comfort and Cushioning

People who are not satisfied with their beds as they are hard or firm, woolen mattress pads provide them extra comfort, smoothness and softness they need. Naturally, wool is a soft material. The mattress pad should be thick in order to give the maximum amount of comfort to the people. When people sleep on a soft and comfortable mattress pad, they have better sleep.

Lifespan and Durability

Wool is a natural fiber and usually it is very strong. Mattress pads made by woolen are filled with quality material that helps the pads to resist against normal wear and tear. That is the reason why woolen mattress pads are durable and have a long lifespan.

Proper Insulation

Mattress pads made by wool are very effective when it comes to regulating the temperature of a person’s body. Wool is an insulating fiber; therefore, it keeps the heat of people to warm them during the cold weather. In addition, wool is breathable, so sleeping on a woolen mattress pad keeps people cool.

Naturally, wool has an ability to heave extra moisture from the skin to keep a person cool, dry, and comfortable. Without getting soaked, wool is able to grasp lots of moisture. Therefore, people who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, stay dry at night.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Wool is a natural stuff so mattresses made by wool are best for those people who have allergies. Wool fiber is hypoallergenic, so most of the time it does not cause allergy. Moreover, it resists mold, dust mites, and other allergens.


Woolen mattress pads are good for the environment. When wool is taken out from sheep, they are not killed or harmed during the process. In fact, sheep are able to produce more wool when they are sheared.

Resistant to Fire

Another important benefit of woolen mattress pads is the natural fire resistance ability of the wool fiber. Few kinds mattress pads made from synthetic material have to be treated with dangerous chemicals to become fire resistant. On the other hand, woolen mattress pads do not have to be treated with the chemicals as it wool has a natural tendency of fire resistance. In case wool mattress pads get fire and burn, then they do not release dangerous chemicals into the air unlike other mattress pads that are full of synthetic chemicals.

Therefore, a woolen mattress pad is a best option for people who need a pad that offers several benefits like durability, superb comfort, and flame resistance.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is professional blogger and writer. He has expertise in the niche of fashion and wool garments. He usually writes on fashion, beauty and lifestyle related topics. Currently he is working with the wool clothing company “”so to read the latest news regarding alpaca throws, wool throws then visit the site.

Beneficial Dental Care with a Holistic Dentist

Research has confirmed that the use of mercury amalgam fillings is not beneficial for the health of individuals because mercury contaminates the body and can have a horde of side effects because of its toxic nature. Therefore, people opt to visit a holistic dentist, also known as a mercury-free dentist, as they can remove these dangerous fillings and provide healthier and natural options to them. However, this is not the only reason why biological dentists have gained popularity in the dental circle all so quickly. People have become very health conscious and are no longer willing to be exposed to toxic ingredients and materials that are a significant part of conventional dentistry.

looking for a good dentist in San Diego

Hence, the first step taken by people, after changing their dentist is to get the mercury amalgam fillings removed from their mouth. These mercury-free dentists ensure healthy and safe treatment. While this concept is becoming rapidly popular and dentists are switching to this approach, there are also others who may not change their treatment methods, but simply act as holistic ones. It is essential for people to choose an authentic biological dentist instead of one who is only parading as the latter will not be able to render the right treatment.

As per Dr. Vinograd from Brighton Dental Invisalign, “The simple way to determine the authenticity of these dentists is to ask questions about their practices”. The type of materials used by biological dentists are completely safe, bio-compatible and do not comprise of mercury at all. For instance, in conventional dentistry, crowns of mercury or a similar harsh chemical are used by dentists, but the ones following the holistic approach do not offer these unsafe and dangerous choices to their patients.

A holistic dentist also has references that should always be checked by patients before they actually start seeing the dentist for treatments. People have the option of consulting their existing or old patients to question them about their experience with the dentist, the satisfaction level they achieved, the benefits they were able to reap and the procedure followed by the dentist. A consultation can also be set up with the dentist to meet them face-to-face and to judge if one is comfortable with them or not. The dentist is willing to answer any questions that patients might have in order to satisfy their misgivings and doubts.

They also offer them a complete tour of their office so that potential patients are able to understand their methods and treatments in the best way possible. Individuals can also get some informative material from the dentist that explain the procedures they can perform and other related details. Once people are satisfied, they can visit the holistic dentist for their regular treatments.

Author Bio:

Are you looking for a good dentist in San Diego? Please pay a visit to Brighton Dental, previously known as Alpha Dental for any of the dental issues where Dr. Vinograd will take care of all your oral problems, whether you have issues with your teeth or a gum disease.

8 Key Facts about Knee Replacement surgery

Knee Replacement surgery involves replacing the existing damaged, worn or diseased knee with the artificial knee. The most common in the Knee Replacement surgeries is the Osteoarthritis. It is a routine operation for the Knee pain most commonly caused by arthritis. With a vast portion of patients lying within the 45-64 years range, most complaining of aching bones and sore joints.

More than 70,000 Knee Replacement surgeries are carried out in Wales and England each year and the number is increasing. For most people, a replacement Knee last for 15- 20 years.

Facts about Knee replacement surgery

There are eight facts surrounding this procedure that might prove educational to any persons seeking to undergo knee replacement surgery, information necessary in aiding patients to achieve an acceptable level of calm and preparation before indulging in the procedure:

1.      What is Knee replacement Surgery?

The procedure involves replacing the surfaces of the knee responsible for bearing weight, these including the bone (in case of damage), cartilage and ligaments, with artificial elements which can constitute chrome and titanium, with cobalt gaining increasing popularity. Polyethylene, a plastic element can also be utilized. Knee replacement surgery can replace the entire joint or only the damaged portion. It involves two kinds of surgeries – one is total knee replacement surgery and second is partial knee Replacement surgery.

2.      Why is Knee Replacement Surgery needed?

A knee replacement surgery is the major surgery. It is normally recommended for the people who are suffering with the severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee joint and your mobility is reduced. And in the case if it is so severe that the pain interferes with your quality of living then there is a need to undergo surgery.

3.      Cost Of Surgery

Taking into the account, number of the days spent in the hospital, physical therapy and surgical charges, the price ranges between $34,000 and $46,000, and the price of the surgery also depends on the type of the surgery you are undergoing whether it is a partial or total knee replacement surgery.

4.      Surgeons and Hospitals

One’s choice of surgeon and hospital will heavily impact the success of the procedure. The key lies with experience; the more knee replacement surgeries a surgeon will have performed in the past, the less likely complications are to occur-figures place this number at 50 or more surgeries. This is applicable to hospitals also, with patients encouraged to seek out hospitals that have had at least 200 knee replacement surgeries performed within their confines.

5.      Gender

Adults of any age group can be considered for the knee replacement surgeries. Most of the knee replacement surgeries are been carried out in the age group between 60 to 80. And some of the young people, mostly of the sports persons in rare cases undergo the knee replacement surgery.

And also, women beyond the age of 50 actually stand higher chances of contracting osteoarthritis.

6.      Any kind of Risks

Risks are very less but they may include – stiffness of the knee, infection of the wound, unexpected bleeding into the knee joint and the blood clot.

7.      Recovery

Recovery time averages at two months; however achieving results within that deadline requires effort and dedication, with patients advised against keeping away from physical therapy for more than two weeks following the surgery, lest the joints freeze up.

Do not expect to return to heavy labor jobs for quite a few months, not unless one is largely restricted to a desk, in which case it might be possible to return to work within a two week period.

8.      Be Realistic

It is important to understand the purpose of knee replacement surgery, its effects revolving around reducing pain and increasing mobility, rather than making you younger or increasing your physical capabilities.

Knee replacement surgery is no picnic; and even eliminating any cost related issues and somehow making the best selection of a surgeon and hospital can made possible with the availability of the EHIC card. If you do not have one, apply for it.

Differences between Capsule Vitamins and Liquid Vitamins

These two questions are probably milling your mind right now. If you think that your body absorbs liquid vitamins better than capsule vitamins, we can tell you one thing: you are right.

To help you understand why taking vitamins in liquid form is better than taking them in pill form; the current article explains the differences between these two types of supplements.

Capsule versus Liquid

Specialists advise you to complement your diet with supplements only if you suffer from specific medical conditions; you are old, pregnant, or breastfeeding; or if you fail to eat a wide variety of foods, such as lean meats, fish, dairy products, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.Before understanding the differences between capsule and liquid form supplements, it’s essential to talk about absorption. Scientific studies confirm that liquid vitamins are better than capsule vitamins because the human body assimilates liquids easier, better, and faster than solids. Liquid vitamins bypass the digestive system, going directly into the bloodstream within minutes.

Conversely, capsules can pass through your digestive system without breaking down. However, this issue is typically triggered by specific health problems, such as a poorly-functioning digestive system or digestive illness, rather than the form of the supplement. If you have any of these problems or suffer from difficulty in swallowing, the best thing you can do is to opt for liquid vitamins, which ensure a greater absorption of nutrients compared to regular capsules.

Undeniably, the rate of absorption is one of the most important elements that differentiate capsule from liquid vitamins. However, the next section presents several more factors that may be important to you.

  • Types: While capsule vitamins are available as drugs in powdered form inside two hard or soft gelatin shells, liquid vitamins come in two different forms: suspension and solution. Suspensions are preparations that contain pieces of drug placed in liquid. Solutions, on the other hand, are mixtures that include water and different ingredients, being sub-classified into syrups and elixirs.
  • Nutrients: Liquid vitamins include important antioxidants (vitamin A, C, and E) that play a critical role in preventing age-related diseases from occurring. By simply taking liquid vitamins, you actually get a constant, high level of antioxidants every day. This helps you to avoid and fight specific age-related conditions, including cataracts, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
  • Purity: Although most pharmaceutical companies use binders and fillers to produce supplements, these substances are carefully tested for purity. Thus, no harmful components are introduced in vitamins. However, a very essential aspect is that capsule form supplements usually include more binders and fillers than the supplements coming in liquid form. This is one of the reasons why they are more affordable than liquid vitamins.
  • Shelf Life: Although most supplements come along with one- to two-year shelf life, capsules are better options if you intend to buy large quantities of vitamins. The reason for this is that these vitamins take up less space than liquid vitamins, which come in bottles. This is important especially because the only way to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of vitamins is to refrigerate them. Additionally, fat-soluble vitamins are prone to rancidity from oxidation even in the refrigerator.
  • Price: Capsule vitamins are cheaper than liquid vitamins. However, if you consider that the human body typically absorbs about 12 percent of capsule supplements – figure that drops to 5 percent after 40 years of age – and up to 90 percent of liquid form supplements, you can easily conclude that liquid vitamins provide a much better price-quality ratio.
Regardless of the vitamin form you intend to choose, it’s imperative to fortify your knowledge about these dietary supplements before deciding to complement your diet with a specific product.

Teeth Whitening Bicester is of High Significance

Your smile is indeed one of your most crucial features which is boosts your confidence and influence people around you. Along with the increasing age and the unhealthy lifestyles, many individuals have stained their teeth in a bad way which is pathetic. Those people who are suffering from this problem lose the self confidence and they may automatically smile lesser than they used to do earlier. A good smile is very necessary to boost your self confidence in a great way and thus keeping the teeth milky white is indeed very important. The laser teeth whitening Bicester is one of the most effective methods of teeth whitening and thousands of individuals who were frustrated with yellow and dingy teeth benefitted out of this process in a major way.

There are various causes of the tooth discolouration and this discolouration may happen due to many factors. As the enamel of the teeth gets corroded, the teeth become vulnerable to discolouration and staining. Thus, this is very necessary to take proper care of your teeth to avoid such situations. The excessive consumption of the products like the Red wine, tobacco or coffee may lead to teeth discolouration in a major way. Apart from these, there are many other factors like the certain medications, poor dental hygiene, some disease or metal fillings may also majorly cause the teeth discoloration and stains on the teeth.

If you are facing a similar problem that we are discussing out here, then you should ideally adopt teeth whitening Bicester. The in office teeth whitening is a very prevalent method which is adopted very successfully. There are indeed difficult teeth discolorations which can be done away with the help of in office teeth whitening systems which are a part of the teeth whitening Bicester. The Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most prevalent one as it is highly effective. The blue-light laser treatments are the most prevalent ones as they have a long lasting impact.

The take home tooth whitening is also a great way to obtain the white teeth back when your teeth is discoloured and stained. The whitening gel which is being used in the process is indeed of superior quality and the chemical named carbamide peroxide is being used to get the teeth regain its original white color. The power of this whitening gel is indeed commendable and is proved to have no side or harmful effects. This process yields favourable results within 7-14 sessions and last for a considerably long time.

The Porcelain veneers are also very effective and are used many a times for the best outcome possible. The stubborn stains on the teeth can be corrected with the help of the Porcelain veneers which hides the discoloured teeth.
Jason is the author of this article and he writes about health news and other matters. For further detail about Smile60 Teeth Whitening Bicester please visit the website.

Three Advantages to Owning a Long iPhone 5 Cable

1. Size Matters!

A long iPhone 5 cable eliminates any inconveniences involved with charging your cell phone or tablet. Don’t you hate sitting on the couch and having to periodically get up and go check your phone when you see or hear a new notification? Yes, this is a first world problem however, the new 10 foot iphone 5 cables are ideal for people lounging around their home or apartment. The standard 3 foot cables that come with the purchase of your new phone can literally only go so far. Anyone that has decided to purchase these extended cables are thoroughly enjoying themselves.


2. Prevents Accidents

Not only will the long iPhone 5 cables assist lazy people from constantly getting up and checking on their phones, they will also help prevent accidents around the house or workplace. Everyone that has played video games over the years understands the pain and agony associated when someone walks by and trips over the cable. In turn, the entire console (usually costing hundreds of dollars) is pulled off the table and can damage the disk inside or ultimately break the system itself. The same scenario happens everyday around the world, where people are carelessly going about daily life and forget their phones are plugged into the wall. Sometimes the outlet gets damaged, sometimes a lamp gets knocked over, sometimes a drink is spilled; you get the picture. With the 10 foot long iPhone 5 cables, you avoid these typical accidents about 95% of the time. After all, everyone knows that one friend who will manage to strangle or trip themselves with the longer and more convenient cord.

3. Stress Reliever low-battery-image

Above all, having peace of mind when watching a video, reading, studying or aimlessly perusing the internet is of the utmost importance. No matter how wrapped up we are in whatever article or video we have open, EVERYONE gets annoyed at the automatic battery update “Low Battery 20% of battery remaining” or even worse (and usually only 5 minutes later) we’re interrupted again–like we didn’t know the first time–that we have a “Low Battery 10% of battery remaining”. With the acquisition of a long iPhone 5 cable, we have bought the security of knowing we will not be abruptly disturbed by something we already know.

In the end, if you own a new iPad, iPad mini or iPhone 5, it’s a wise choice to spend twenty bucks or less and acquire a long iPhone 5 cable. The advantages are fairly obvious and everyone loves one less thing to worry about.


Help For Your Favourite Charity : IT’S JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAY

When you support a worthy charity, you strengthen society, you help people in need, and oftentimes you bring joy to yourself in the process. “Supporting a charity,” however, does not just mean contributing money — which is good news for people with limited financial means at the moment. Rather, you can also assist nonprofit groups simply by spreading information about them: the kind of work they do, and how people can give time and money to those causes. In fact, promotion can benefit a charity to a much greater degree than a one-time donation can. Even better, today’s technologies — namely, social media and email — make it much easier to advertise worthwhile organizations.


Twitter accounts can be tremendous boosts to nonprofit causes. Let’s say you want to support cancer charity drives in your hometown. All you have to do is tweet about when and where those drives are taking place and the different ways in which your followers can help out. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

→ Be sure all the information you provide on Twitter is clear, specific, and accurate.

→ Tweet about these fundraising efforts several times over the course of several days. That way, your followers will realize how important this cause is to you.

→ Craft your charity-related tweets so that they reflect your personality. That is, if your tweets are usually full of capital letters and exclamation points, keep that style in your charity messages. For instance, you might write: “Supporting Cancer Charity Fundraisers is AWESOME!!!!!”


The other social media behemoth of our time is also ideal for supporting charities. There are plenty of ways to demonstrate your devotion to a particular cause on Facebook:

→ Friend the charity.

→ Post messages on your wall about the work this organization does, and about upcoming events in which your friends can participate.

→ Set up a photo album displaying pictures of yourself smiling and hugging people at the charity’s headquarters or participating in one of its events.

As with Twitter, the key to engaging your Facebook friends with your charity of choice is to boldly show off your enthusiasm and your interest, as well as to provide specific info in your various communications.


Finally, you can send an email to your entire contact list. In this message, outline the work your charity of choice does. In addition, provide a quick history of your association with this group. Keep this email brief, friendly, casual, and to the point. You might close by inviting your contacts to join you at an upcoming event, or by requesting that they pass on this information to their own contact lists.

One advantage of email, as opposed to social media postings, is that more people are liable to read your message and reflect upon it. While social media websites are hugely valuable, it’s easy for people to miss certain tweets or wall posts since they’re likely flooded with countless posts every day. Plus, the very act of emailing indicates extra effort, and helps convey how much you really care.